Krauthammer: Rex Tillerson's Good Relationship With Russia Is "A Problem"


On Monday's 'Special Report,' syndicated Columnist Charles Krauthammer discusses Rex Tillerson as expected Secretary of State pick and the controversy over his ties to Russia.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think the reason for that is because of Trump himself. If Trump had not been so friendly, shall we say, to Putin during the campaign, had he not said such good things about him, had he not valued the relationship and spoken offhandedly about working together, it probably wouldn’t have been a big liability.

But people are thinking, “Well, Trump is a novice.” He’s coming into an international arena where he’s been a spectator. You would want a secretary of state who would guide him, who would have experience. You might say, for example, the way Kissinger guided Nixon, who was actually quite experienced.

So instead, what you’re getting is a second novice, meaning somebody without direct foreign-policy experience, and somebody who received an order of friendship from a guy who is not our friend. And that’s a problem.

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