MSNBC's Katy Tur to Guest: Explain To "The Trump Supporter" Why They Need To Acknowledge Russia Hack


MSNBC's Katy Tur asked Steve Clemons of The Atlantic to "talk to the Trump supporter directly" and explain why it is important for the president-elect to "acknowledge" that Russia had a hand in the DNC hack. Tur later said that Trump ran a "pro-Putin campaign."

"Talk to the Trump supporter directly and tell them why it is important for Donald Trump to acknowledge that Russia had a hand in this hack if they were not behind it completely," Tur instructed Clemons to educate 'the Trump supporter.' "Why is it important to the American public that the president-elect says, yes, this is a case and we are taking it seriously?"

Clemons then proceeded to explain what 'the Donald Trump supporter' "needs to know." He said the 'Donald Trump supporter' in Bartlesville, Oklahoma "needs to hear" directly from him about Russian meddling in U.S. elections.

"The Donald Trump supporter needs to know their new president will stand by American interests no matter what," Clemons lectured. "The legitimacy of his election doesn't need to be questioned at the same time he's blowing a whistle on what the Russians did. What we see from Donald Trump is something disconcerting."

"On the floor at the Republican convention in Cleveland one of the only times that the Trump team got engaged in the battles over the platform had to do with the provision dealing with Russia and Ukraine. They were just absent on everything else," Clemons claimed.

"When you add up moment after moment after moment whether or not there seemed to be a tilt with Russia which may be a new strategic shift there is a realist case for a new shift," he said. "You still have to be able to call the shots on whether or not you see Russia as someone who is meddling in the American system."

"I think that Donald Trump supporter in Bartlesville, Oklahoma needs to hear the distinction from him about those things," Clemons declared.

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