Hugh Hewitt vs. Joan Walsh: You're Trying To Delegitimize Trump Presidency, Not His Fault Clinton Had Server


Hugh Hewitt and Joan Walsh faced off on how Russian hacking may have affected the U.S. presidential election and Democrats are using it to "delegitimize" President-elect Trump. Hewitt accused Walsh of being in the "election-denier" camp.

Hewitt said it is not Donald Trump's fault that Clinton had a private server and the Obama administration conducted poor foreign policy.

"I want to take issue with something that Hugh said earlier," Walsh said. "Donald Trump did not merely said I don't believe that the Russians intervened on my side. He said he doesn't believe it plain and simple. It could be Russia, Hugh, it could be China, it could be somebody in their bed. I don't know where he gets these images from they're kind of creepy. But he absolutely denied what his friends in the Republican party and what you yourself, Hugh, have been saying. He refuses to accept the reality that this is the consensus of the intelligence agencies."

"Have you noticed in the way that Donald Trump is reacting to these revelations, to the news of at least what the CIA is claiming right now here? Does he seem too defensive? Does he seem too hostile to the apparent conclusions of the intelligence community?" MSNBC's Steve Kornacki asked Hugh Hewitt.

"No, I think he seems abrupt because it's silly," Hewitt responded. "I think the whole thing is silly.

"It's silly?" an incredulous Walsh reacted.

"What we face here, Steve, and Joan knows this too, is an attempt to delegitimize a Trump election by saying it's [FBI] Director Comey's fault," Hewitt said to a visually stunned Joan Walsh. "Secretary Clinton came out and said 'fake news' last week. This week their blaming the Russians when we all should be recognizing, and not being an election-denier, it sounds like Joan is going in the election-denier camp.

"No, I'm not," Walsh responded. "This is a really serious issue!"

"There was an election," Hewitt said. "Donald Trump won. I agree with Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan that the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee need to get the bottom to what the Russians did, if it was the Russians alone or through third-party actors. Find out and then take reprisals."

"None of this would have happened if the red-line had not been erased," Hewitt said of President Obama's infamous remarks on Syria, "if North Korea, when they hacked Sony, had felt sanctions."

"The fact is the weakness of the Obama years led to increasing amounts of cyber-attacks on America and now they are paying the piper," he said.

"Oh, come on," Walsh reacted.

"It's not Donald Trump's fault that Secretary Clinton had a server in her basement," Hewitt said.

"That's not the issue," Walsh responded.

"What the left is trying to do, and Joan is very good at it, is to progressively delegitimize Donald Trump's presidency. He won and fake news doesn't change it and Director Comey doesn't change it.

"He lost by almost 3 million votes," Walsh shot back.

"And the popular vote also doesn't matter because the constitutional majority is the electoral college and next week the electoral college makes him president for final and for good," Hewitt reminded her.

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