Harry Reid: Jim Comey And Vladimir Putin Conspired To Make Donald Trump President


In an interview with CNN's Manu Raju, outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says that he blames FBI Director Jim Comey and Russian President Vladimir Putin for working together to make Donald Trump the president.

He noted that he does not have any information from classified briefings that has not appeared in the press. He blamed Russian hackers, WikiLeaks and FBI Director Jim Comey for not investigating the former. "It is obvious he was a partisan in all of this," Reid said about Comey.

"We know from reports we have seen from all of you guys," he said to CNN's Manu Raju, "reports that people in the campaign for Donald Trump were in touch with the Russians. And now it is very clear."

When asked for evidence, Reid said: "There were reports in the press, for heaven's sake... I can't respond to a specific single item, but they were all over! All over."

"The DNC was hacked, everybody knew that," Reid said. "WikiLeaks was coming out drip by drip by drip. They wouldn't do it all at once of course because they were coordinating all of this from with the Trump folks and the Russians."

"All I know it Russia helped a lot. Those WikiLeaks coming out --drip, drip drip-- hurt her. And Comey helped Trump significantly. A week before the election he came out with... more emails. And as a result of this, we lost Senate seats and we lost the presidency," Reid said.

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