Conway: Hillary Clinton's Attack On "Fake News" Shows Lack Of "Self-Awareness," "Blaming Everybody But Themselves"


Former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss Donald Trump's cabinet choices and Hillary Clinton's attack on so-called 'fake news' yesterday.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: It is just remarkable -- if she is trying to make a nexus between those statements and her electoral loss, I am almost at a loss for words for the first time in a while. Because they idea that the just can't grasp the fact that I don't know what her message was to America other than 'I'm not Donald Trump and you shouldn't vote for him.'

I don't know what her message was to the working class voters and the Union households that we captured --in some places by two-to-one.

I don't know what her message was to America's women! Where she only got 55-56% of the vote, as the first woman presidential nominee from a major party. The idea that -- the most fake piece of news I heard all along up until election day, I still hear it from some people, was that Donald Trump could not win.

How's that for fake news, misleading news? The fake news, certainly, was that Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania were all sewed up, that we couldn't bust through the Blue Wall.

Listen, I take seriously what she is saying about people spreading rumors, or saying things that aren't true, or possible harm coming to people, but it is this whole new cottage industry they're trying to make a big deal of, and pin it on one party or one man's supporters. That I disagree with.

But a little self awareness would do for a team that is blaming everyone but themselves for this. 'It is Bernie Sanders fault -- how dare he run.' The guy won 22 states, folks, that ain't nothing. 'It is the alt-right's fault.' 'It is fake news.' 'It is Russian interference.' 'It is Jim Comey,' the biggest scapegoat of all.

How about: You had no message.

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