Dershowitz: If I Were A Republican I Would Hope Democrats Pick Keith Ellison For DNC Chair


Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz discusses the potential for Keith Ellison to lead the Democratic National Committee and advises the party against giving him the position. From Dershowitz's appearance on FOX Business:

DERSHOWITZ: If I were a Republican strategist and I were given the choice to pick the head of the Democratic National Committee, I'd say pick [Congressman Keith] Ellison! He would be great for the Republicans, and he's going to be great for the Republicans. A major contributor to the democratic party has said, essentially, don't count on me anymore.

He is going to lose many, many Democrats. He's going to lose many pro-Israel Democrats, many pro-American Democrats. Forget about Louis Farrakhan's anti-Semitism and the fact that this guy was part of that for years. Do you know what he said at one point to somebody when he was a student at the Minnesota Law School?

He said to somebody who was a woman and Jewish, I can have no respect for you -- this is Ellison saying this, not Farrakhan. I can have no respect for you because you're Jewish and you're a woman, and as a woman, you shouldn't be working, you should with home. you should be home.

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