Pence Talks Flynn's Son, Says Obamacare Will Be Repealed Lock, Stock, And Barrel On CNN


Vice President-elect Mike Pence talks to CNN's Jake Tapper about President-elect Donald Trump's decision to cancel an order with Boeing and the transition to the White House.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN I want to talk about ObamaCare. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said today that ObamaCare, they start the process of trying to repeal it on day one.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said it would probably take about three years to come up with a replacement.

Is that good enough for you?

President-elect Trump says repeal and replace.

Is repeal now, replace three years later, is that OK or do you want to see a change in that time line?

VP-ELECT MIKE PENCE: Well, let me say, the first thing we're going to do, and the president-elect has indicated this to the leaders of the House and Senate, is we're going to keep our promise to the American people and we're going to repeal ObamaCare lock, stock and barrel.

But what we're also going to do is work with members of the House and Senate to ensure an orderly transition and the -- the length of time that that will take will be a subject of legislative debate. And -- and we'll fill in the substance of that.

We're also prepared, as I told members of the Senate today, Jake, the president-elect is prepared on day one to put into effect the kind of administrative action that will ensure that that transition happens on an orderly basis.

But we've got to take action. I mean the truth is, ObamaCare, right now, is scheduled to increase premiums by an average of 25 percent all across this country, putting a -- an enormous weight on American families and American businesses.

In Arizona alone, premiums are scheduled to go up an average of 116 percent.

We're going to use the vehicle of a budget resolution right out of the box and we're going to repeal ObamaCare and we're going to set into motion the kind of orderly process that will address the health care needs of this country, harnessing the power of the free market, giving consumers more chances in health insurance, all of the kind of...

TAPPER: But for those who can't...

PENCE: -- ideas that the president-elect talked about as a candidate. We're going to keep those promises once he takes a seat in the Oval Office.

TAPPER: For those who can't afford health insurance and who only have it because of the Medicaid expansion, which you know well because of being the governor of Indiana and also because of the stipends, what should they expect during this transition period?

Will their Medicaid expansion stay there?

PENCE: Well, I -- I would anticipate that a part of what we will do is what the president-elect has called for through the course of the campaign. And that this while we -- while we take the mandate off every American that exists under ObamaCare, the threat of higher taxes against individuals and businesses, we're going to develop a plan to block grant Medicaid back to the states so that states can do exactly what Indiana was able to do, in part, by reforming Medicaid.

The state of Indiana, which the president-elect now talked an awful lot about, actually had -- Medicaid recipients can have health savings accounts to be able to -- to have first dollar benefits. They make monthly contributions to those health savings accounts and -- and they're given credit for preventive medicine and wellness.

These are all the kind of market principles that states can innovate in Medicaid. And it's going to be part and parcel of our plan to repeal ObamaCare.

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