Krauthammer Praises Mattis As SecDef: "Extremely Useful," "Good To Have Mad Dog On Your Side"


Charles Krauthammer on the impending announcement of Ret. Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis as Trump's Secretary of State.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Could I just say one thing about Mad Dog? It's good to have a military man and it's go have a military man that's known as Mad Dog. Let's say you're trying to message to streperous Iranians who've been harassing our boats, I think you want to send a message that says something like if you don't stop within 48 hours, I may have to turn the matter over to Mad Dog. Translated afterwards into Persian. I think that can be quite useful.

Nixon used the crazy factor to great effect. The Russians were always afraid that they would push a button and he would go over the top as when he went to nuclear alert during the Arab-Israeli war of '73. So good to have a Mad Dog on your side especially one with his strategic knowledge and range and tactical operational experience. That's very rare and would serve extremely useful in the cabinet.

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