Donny Deutsch: Average Age Of Democratic Party Leadership Is 75, "Ideas Are Not New"


Regular 'Morning Joe' panelist Donny Deutsch paints a bleak picture for the future of the Democratic Party, noting that the average age of the party leadership is 75 years old.

DONNY DEUTSCH: It is interesting. It is about ideas, but I am going to say something that is a little politically indelicate here: It is about age.

When the average age of the leadership is 75, I don't care whether it is a television network, and advertising agency, a movie studio, or whatever. At 75 years old, when that is the think tank, you're looking at the world differently. The ideas are not new, for the most part, at 75. So there is an issue with age...

The second thing also that is... beyond issues. If we go back and look at Bill Clinton saved the Democratic Party. Was it an issue or idea, or was it just a person? Same thing with Ronald Reagan. So it not just ideas, they need transformative people. Personalities. Dynamic figures for people to rally around. Same thing with Donald Trump. It wasn't about his ideas -- it was about the power of that person. That's what the Democrats need.

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