Warren: Trump Is "Handing The Keys Of The Treasury Over To A Wall Street Banker Who Helped Cause The Crash"


Regarding the nomination of Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Trump is handing the Treasury to "a Wall Street banker who helped cause the crash." She appeared with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night. Watch the full interview below the transcript.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN: He said he was going to separate that from the government, no more revolving door. He wasn't going to do that sort of thing.

And then what does he do? He turns around and picks a guy who had actually been one of the people who helped do all of those lousy mortgages that not only broke the economy but broke millions of families. And then after the crash, a guy who turned around and bought a bank that then became infamous for how hard it squeezed families that had already been cheated and was the foreclosure machine following that.

You know, the American people -- this is a guy who also said today that he wants to roll back the Wall Street regulations. The American people are furious over what Wall Street has done. They don't want somebody who is going to come in here and say, hey, let's help Wall Street. And what Donald Trump is doing is he's literally handing the keys to the Treasury over to a Wall Street banker who helped cause the crash.

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