NPR's Bob Garfield: Right Wing Media "Brainwashed" American Public Into Feeling "Humiliation"


On Tuesday's edition of 'All In With Chris Hayes,' NPR's Bob Garfield explained his view that "right wing media" had "brainwashed" the American public to "bathe in a sort of humiliation," and that this was eerily reminiscent of Hitler's rise to power.

BOB GARFIELD: And right now we have about half the population who is -- who have been conditioned, conditioned, one might even say brainwashed by close to 50 years of right-wing media, which has characterized, demonized mainstream media and characterized it as unpatriotic and un-American and has talked about grossly misogynistic way and in grossly racist terms, in Islamophobic and xenophobic terms and has allowed about half of our population to bathe in a sort of humiliation. And I use that term advisedly, because some of us are nervously paying attention to the parallels with Weimar Germany.

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