Cenk Uygur Praises Donald Trump For Carrier Deal: Obama Would Never Have Done It


The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur weighs in on the deal made between the Trump administration and United Technologies to keep 1,000 jobs at an Indianapolis Carrier plant in the United States.

CENK UYGUR, THE YOUNG TURKS: Trump talked a big game about how he was going to bully these companies, and threaten tariffs and stuff. Instead in this deal, it seems they are going to back off the tariff stuff, and instead give the company tax cuts. So, I get it. I get the downside of this.

But now let's talk about one of the things he did that was actually really positive.

He said, look, your parent company United Technologies has a lot of government contracts. IF you want to get United States government contracts, you're going to have to keep some of your jobs in the United States.

Now, this is exactly what I've been saying to Democrats and President Obama. That you could do this stuff. If you really want to apply pressure, there are a thousand ways to apply pressure.

But they would never do it. I'm sorry, if you're a Democrat, and you like Obama, I hate to break your heart and you want to hate me for it and that's okay, but Obama wouldn't have done that.

That's not who he is, he is not that guy. And in this case, it is an absolutely fact. Because he is president right now. If he wanted, he could have pressured Carrier. But he didn't pressure Carrier. He didn't pressure United Technologies, and he didn't threaten to take away their contracts. Because he's not that strong. And he always thinks, his default mode is there's nothing we can do. You guys don't understand.There are consequences.

No. I do understand. What I'm asking you to do is to risk those consequences to protect American workers.

And you didn't do it, and Trump did it, and now he is going to get a world of credit...

Nobody is going to remember the downsides of that deal, no one is going to worry about those tax breaks later. It is going to be a huge political win for Donald Trump, that is by the way, as I just said, somewhat earned. There are so many options that the Democrats never choose to use... They want to outsource the jobs, let them outsource the jobs.

Threaten their government contracts? Yes, you threaten their government contracts. That's called being strong!

So I told you there would be some small upsides to Donald Trump winning, because at least he is strong. There are a thousand downsides and we have a thousand videos to talk about those. But we have to give credit where credit is due today. They got this deal done, and not only will it look great... but it actually saved a thousand American jobs.

Strength, it matters. It isn't unsophisticated to talk about strength. It is smart...

Democrats, as usual, you ought to be embarrassed.

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