Noam Chomsky: "Hitler Was A Sincere, Dedicated Ideologue -- Trump Isn't"


Linguistics professor Noam Chomsky speaks with al-Jazeera's Mehdi Hassan to discuss his expectations for the "Trump Era."

NOAM CHOMSKY: He certainly is off the spectrum. There has never been anything like him...

He has no background at all in any political activities. he has never held office, been interested in holding office. He has no known political positions. He is all over the map in his comments. He is basically a showman...

I wouldn't compare [the Trump era] with Weimar Germany. Hitler was a sincere, dedicated ideologue. Trump isn't. He has no known ideology, other than 'me.'


If you look at the European reaction, every far right nationalist, neo-Nazi party was encouraged and excited by his victory. Whether he'll go in that direction, we don't know.

On the issues of intervention, international violence, it is not very clear what his positions are, he has been all over. He is in favor of a substantial buildup of the American military. He claims --ridiculously-- that is is decaying and depleted. In fact, it is beyond any military in the world...

He's also talked about reducing tensions with Russia, which is probably the most dangerous flashpoint in the world. So it is hard to predict. The most predictable aspect of Trump is unpredictability. I think it’s dangerous, very dangerous.

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