Jill Stein: If I Had Dropped Out, Donald Trump Would Have Gotten My Voters


During an interview about her effort to recount votes in several states won by Donald Trump, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein tells MSNBC's Craig Melvin that if she hadn't been a candidate, upwards of one third of her voters would have picked Donald Trump.

CRAIG MELVIN, MSNBC: We should also not this: The margin in Wisconsin between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is about 22,000 voted. You received 31,000 votes in that state. What do you think the outcome might have been had you decided not to run?

JILL STEIN: Well, the numbers show that if I weren't running, or if I would have dropped out, most Green voters would not have voted, and of the remainder, a substantial number, more than one third, would have voted for Donald Trump. So unfortunately, the numbers are very clear that absent my campaign, the results would have been absolutely the same. It would not have changed the outcome in any state.

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