Tucker Carlson Confronts CEO Who Won't Do Business With Trump Supporters: "You Are Belittling Historical Reality"


Fox News host Tucker Carlson debated Mathew Blanchfield, the CEO of a search engine optimization company, on Wednesday over Blanchfield's decision not to hire or work with people who support President-elect Donald Trump.

"As a citizen of the United States... there is nothing illegal about me choosing to not do business with someone I believe supports a dictator and a fascist," Blanchfield said. "I think that you side-stepped my question when I asked if you would have done business with Nazi party members in the 40s... Your failure to answer that, I think, is indicative of your position."

Carslon shot back: "I was doing that out of politeness to you, because it is such a ludicrous comparison, I didn't want to humiliate you by pointing that out, but I will do so now because you pushed it. That is and absurd thing to say, and of course there is no comparison at all."

"Explain to me the absurdity in my statement," the business owner responded.

"That Trump is Hitler?" Carlson asked. "That is self-discrediting."

"I didn't say Trump was Hitler, I said Trump is a fascist... What an authoritarian dictator is, I'm quite aware of the definition... The reality is that his behavior, even with the top media... leaders of the country just two days ago... when he brought them to his ivory tower and berated the U.S. press and set the precedent that if you resist him, he will--- He didn't even have the moral turpitude to do it openly."

"I'm sorry," Carlson said. "What you're doing here is belittling historical reality. Being rude to news anchors... is not the same as rounding up an entire ethnic group and killing them. It is just not. So what you are doing is diminishing actual historical crimes."

"Feel free to diminish me as much as you'd like." Blanchfield quipped.

"I don't claim to speak for the Left, or any group or organization," Blanchfield said later. "I speak for myself. And I believe that standing up to injustice is the foundation of what our country is all about. I believe having the moral turpitude to stand up against the masses is what a citizen and a patriot actually does. I believe that having the courage to risk your business... reputation... and physical well-being against mass hysteria... is absolutely what is mandated by our Constitution."

Carlson responds: "Boy, you are on a moral vanity trip like I have never seen. Has it occurred to you that every rich, famous, fashionable person in America agrees with you? You're taking no risk at all."

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