Newt: "I Can Think Of 20 People" Who Would Be Better Secretary of State Than Romney


Trump supporter and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich speaks with FNc's Tucker Carlson about Mitt Romney possibly being secretary of state, the report that Dr. Ben Carson has been offered HUD secretary job, and the president-elect's meeting with the NY Times.

TUCKER CARLSON: What do you think of the idea of Mitt Romney at the State Dept.?

NEWT GINGRICH: I would be concerned. One, the vast majority of Trump's supporters would be very unhappy and would be reminded of all the things Romney said about him this year. And Two, because Romney does represent a very different viewpoint. I'm not sure whose Secretary of State he would be...

Trump would really have to think through. Romney really wanted to be in the president-elect's job. To what extent would Romney, once he became Secretary of State, would he represent himself going around the world. In the John Kerry tradition. Go from five star hotel to five star hotel, having nice gourmet dinners with foreign leaders.

To what extent would he represent the kind fo tough minded America-First policies that Trump has campaigned on. Trump needs someone at State who is very tough and very willing to take on foreign leaders and represent the United States of America...

They apparently had a very good meeting... President-elect Trumpd deserves to have the team he wants... But I can think of 20 other people who would be more naturally compatible with the Trump vision of foriegn policy.

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