Tucker Carlson Grills Karl Rove: Why Were So Many People Wrong About Trump?


FOX News host Tucker Carlson quizzes Karl Rove how so many in the media, including the Republican party guru, were so wrong about the 2016 presidential election. Carlson also noted that on election night Rove said Paul Ryan delivered Wisconsin to Donald Trump. Rove said he still believes that.

Rove did not answer the question the first time, instead explaining factors of the recent boom in major stock market indices.

When Carlson asked again Rove was confused and said he never predicted the markets would crash if Trump won.

"My question and I think it's a really significant one, is why did nobody call any of this ahead of time and I am including you in this, why did nobody see this coming? Have you taken a moment to ask yourself with all the data in the world at my disposal was I unable to see this?" Carlson asked an incredulous Rove.

"You know, maybe you can remember when I said that the market was going to tank if Trump won. I didn't say that," Rove responded.

"I mean the election," Carlson reminded the Republican strategist.

"I'd be happy to answer the question if you want to keep going," Rove replied. "If you want to keep going, fine, but I'll be happy to answer the question. I thought he would get close. I thought he'd win Florida, North Carolina, Ohio."

"I told him at the end of may he was going to win Iowa. He said really? I said yeah, Iowa. I didn't think he would get Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and narrowly Michigan. What he did is he broke through southwest -- Jay Cost had a great article. He broke through southwest Wisconsin. Two elections in a row we had Bush on a bus riding through southwest Wisconsin trying to break through in those counties and the combination of being upset about President Obama and not liking Hillary Clinton," Rove told Carlson.

"You're telling me on election that it was Paul Ryan that brought him across the line in Wisconsin," Carlson told him.

"A month out from the election, the Wisconsin Republican party was short of money for their get out the vote operation," Rove explained. "They went to the RNC which said we can't fund it. They went to the Trump campaign who said we're not going to be there. Paul Ryan wrote the million dollar check to the Wisconsin Republican party."

"Final week of the campaign he decides what he's going to do is get on a bus with Ron Johnson and the two of them are going to cover the state in order to pump for vote on a straight Republican ticket from Donald Trump to Ron Johnson to Republicans up and down the ballot. His advisor said, no, you're the Speaker of the House, you're supposed to be traveling around the country, encouraging people to vote for Republican House members. He said you know what, my job was to raise the money, now I need help with my state," Rove argued.

"Nobody thinks Paul Ryan got him Wisconsin," Carlson said.

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