Tucker Carlson vs. Jonathan Allen: Is Jeff Sessions Really A KKK-Sympathizer?


Fox News host Tucker Carlson debated Roll Call columnist Jonathan Allen Friday over his article called: Jeff Sessions Is Unfit For Cabinet

"I mean, it’s almost like a pure download from the DNC website," Carlson said about the article.

TUCKER CARLSON: Is there any evidence he's had contact with [racist website] Stormfront? Endorsed Stormfront? Or are you just smearing him on the basis of their endorsement of him?

JOHN ALLEN: Well, look I’m not saying he’s like a member of Stormfront or anything--

CARLSON: What are you saying? Why is that fair to write that?

ALLEN: Uh, he hasn’t disavowed it that I know of--

CARLSON: Oh, so you think he agrees with Stormfront...

Do you really think that Jeff Sessions is pro-KKK?

JOHN ALLEN: No, what I’m saying is –

CARLSON: Oh, then what are you saying?

You’re carrying water for the Democratic party, and you’re smearing this guy without engaging his ideas.

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