David Frum: We Now Have A Three Party System; Democrats, Republicans, And Trump


'The Atlantic' writer David Frum, a former adviser to President George W. Bush and author of 'The Conservative Case For Voting For Clinton,' says that Donald Trump is still not part of the Republican Party, and if the GOP wants to accomplish its "goals," it needs to stop Trump from accomplishing his.

DAVID FRUM: There is something kind of surreal about [Trump's victory]. We are in a city now that has had for a long time a two-party system. We are now in a three-party system. We have the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Trump Party. And the Republican Party has priorities... and they are right. But the president also has his own priorities...

What is important is for the Republican Party to accomplish its goals, it must prevent the Trump PArty from accomplishing its goals, which are of a very different and much dirtier order.

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