Trump Digital Director Brad Parscale Explains Data That Led To Victory on 'Kelly File'


Brad Parscale, Trump campaign digital director, explains the data he used for the campaign to target voters and eventually lead to a victory.

From Tuesday's broadcast of The Kelly File on the FOX News Channel:

MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS: I mean, you're interesting too. But I want to bring you this guy. An insider's take now on how Mr. Trump actually won. The man behind the digital operation now credited with helping find and turn out the voters who made the difference.

Here now in a "Kelly File" exclusive, Brad Parscale, the former digital director of the Trump campaign and president of Giles-Parscale. Did I say that right?


KELLY: Great to see you, Brad. This is fascinating. Fascinating.

PARSCALE: Thank you.

KELLY: You are the one person who actually knows the answer to this question.

PARSCALE: Yes, the data.

KELLY: How did Trump win?

PARSCALE: Well, I think first you have to say it started with leadership. And that was with Jared Kushner and also Trump's genius coming down to allow us to put a date operation to place --

KELLY: Jared Kushner is married to Ivanka.

PARSCALE: Jared Kushner is Ivanka Trump husband. Jared was instrumental in being kind of an overlay in kind of bringing Trump's genius down to the all the different parts of leadership. You know, Steve Bannon was there. It's kind of that strategy person. But the data operation right from the middle and I think for the first time in history, the data operation ran everything from TV buying to where we were on the ground to all of the different operations. And so, and having that data right there, we could start to where the persuadable targets are, GOTV (PH), everything we needed to know --

KELLY: How? How? I mean, like, when you first saw, whoa, we're in play in Michigan --


KELLY: What showed you that?

PARSCALE: Well so, I think there's a good example from both Pennsylvania and Michigan. We played in some other spots also as I started to see data and started to track it. We were making thousands of live calls, web tracking, web different surveys and it was building and it's building what's called models and universes. What we can start to see is, we're in play in Pennsylvania and play in Michigan. Let's buy in these areas. Let's buy these DMAs. Let's buy these voter targets. We started to see that move our direction. And by the Friday before the election, I had predicted that we were going to win 305 electoral results.

KELLY: Come on!

PARSCALE: Yes. The ABEV (ph) results coming in which is -- ballots in early voting was showing the data that where we were hitting targets and where we've wanted to see the voters turn out were showing up for us.

KELLY: Was the reaction by the others was what?

PARSCALE: Yes. I think there was a thing that stay around Brad's office, he seems really happy and giddy.


KELLY: You feel good when you leave Brad's office for some reason.

PARSCALE: Yes. So, the data is, the data doesn't lie. And that is the beauty of our data. I had some great data scientists, we have teams of them putting that data in a way that could be consumed so we could understand where we need to target people.

KELLY: But here's the interesting thing about brad. He says some political operative. You're from country Kansas, as you put it.

PARSCALE: Born outside in Topeka, Kansas.

KELLY: So what gave you the skills to, you know, get a man elected president?

PARSCALE: Well, I think some of that is just blessing. And, you know, I came out of college in the early '90s. That was a great time to exit school and get a job in the dot-com world and get educated. I had to finance in business degree but at that point there was no one with degrees in internet marketing and I was -- to spend that. And I spent 15 years building the company that I started with this $500.

KELLY: And Jared and Ivanka first hired you, right? Back in 2010 -- Trump Organization.

PARSCALE: Ivanka and Eric Trump hired me for the real estate website.

KELLY: Okay.

PARSCALE: And once I got the real state website then I started to work my way through the Trump.

KELLY: So how closely connected with the family have you been?

PARSCALE: I think at this point, I have a very good relationship with them. I mean, they value hard work, they value loyalty, they value success.

KELLY: Results. Right.

PARSCALE: And results. And that's what I wanted to bring.

KELLY: So, where were you on election night?

PARSCALE: I was in Trump Tower and eventually up in the apartment.

KELLY: In front of your computer?

PARSCALE: I was in front of my computer.

KELLY: What did you then know before others that we got this?

PARSCALE: Friday, I was 95 percent sure and by Sunday, I was about even more. And my Tuesday morning, I got more nervous Tuesday morning because I knew so much, I just had to wait.

KELLY: Did you know about Wisconsin?

PARSCALE: My one flip mistake was Wisconsin and Colorado. That's my 305 or 306. However as you can see our media buys from where we bought them in Pennsylvania and a different ways we're doing, we had a good strategy with the data.

KELLY: Well, why do you think -- do you know why she lost and he won? I mean, other than strategy, do you know what it was that turned it or?

PARSCALE: Well, I think that, you know, that's a good -- Steve Bannon for a strategy question as well but I think change. I mean, I think --

KELLY: But was there an event like the Comey announcement or the changed the number --

PARSCALE: Well, what's funny about that announcements was, in the numbers, I was actually flying with Mr. Trump that night. I showed him plenty of the numbers before that announcement that we were already coming. Those undecideds are moving our way.

KELLY: Uh-hm.

PARSCALE: People in this country were ready for change, they are ready for something new. They were already moving that way.

KELLY: Uh-hm.

PARSCALE: And I think those have been continued to have an --

KELLY: What about the "Access Hollywood" tape? Did they move the other way? Was there --

PARSCALE: Well, I think here's the thing. All campaigns have ebb and flows along the way, right? Ups and downs. I mean, the progress that reassess your data, remove and build new universes that now we have new targets. So, you move, you're in the bag, you move the people in and out.

KELLY: This is incredible. So now what are they going to do with you? Right? Because is it true that you worked for Ted Cruz for a little while?

PARSCALE: No, I did not work for Ted Cruz.

KELLY: Okay. So --

PARSCALE: This is my first ever campaign.

KELLY: What does President-Elect Trump do with you?

PARSCALE: Well, I think that that's a President-Elect Trump question.

KELLY: Do you want to work for the administration?

PARSCALE: No. I never was a Politico. You know, that wasn't my goal. My goal is to be a megaphone for people, for businesses, for candidates, for who that is.

KELLY: I mean, but you're a Republican.

PARSCALE: I'm a Republican.

KELLY: They're writing your name down in every Republican county in America right now.

PARSCALE: And I think that Science that was missed in the previous campaigns was to take the digital, and mix TV, ground game, door knocking, all of those people, even budget. Jared and I oversaw where the budget data was.

KELLY: You shouldn't give all of this away. You should hold some of it inside so you can make more money doing it for others.

PARSCALE: Well, just saying it isn't as easy as doing it.

KELLY: All right.

PARSCALE: But sometimes, you have to say, so people will know that you can do it.

KELLY: Fascinating. Brad, thank you so much.

PARSCALE: Congratulations on your book.

KELLY: Thank you very much. Congratulations on your win.

PARSCALE: Thank you very much.

KELLY: Amazingly done, right?

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