Keith Olbermann: We Will Resist Every Action Proposed By "President-Elect Pussy-Grabber"


In the latest episode of his web show --now renamed "The Resistance"-- Keith Olbermann declared that he would meet every action of Donald Trump's administration with protests, and that suggesting we give Trump a chance to govern was the same as saying "give fascism a chance."

"We do not have time for the White House edition of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ starring President-elect Pussy Grabber," Olbermann said. "Give him a chance because we’re all supposed to pretend this is a normal man and that was a normal election because we’re all supposed to forget that the Russians interfered with the election and the involvement of the FBI at minimum affected the outcome."

He continued: "Because we’re all going to follow The Washington Post and call them populists instead of white supremacists -- even though they are white supremacists. Give him a chance -- all we are saying is give fascism a chance. Who knows, it might not be as bad as we think. It might not be a bottomless pit."

"This is not my president," he said, "And judging by the margin by which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote... this is not America's president either. And so we will resist. Each statement of substance or policy will be met with one of resistance. Each action and event staged by this man, who lost the popular vote, will be met with protest. Each politician who he fools with charm from one of his other personalities --from the Banana Republicans already showing up to lick his boots to the Demcrats like this fat-head Joe Manchin-- will be rejected by that resistance."

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