Chris Cillizza: I Still Can't "Wrap My Mind" Around A Trump Presidency


Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, admitting "many" of the "assumptions" he made about Trump were wrong, said Wednesday he still can not "wrap my mind" around a Trump presidency during a discussion about the president-elect's cabinet and incoming administration on MSNBC.

"When I look at those scenes of Trump Tower and all the traffic I'm still stunned by someone who lives in a high rise building he built in the middle of Manhattan, was able to capture a populist anger at elites in the establishment in this country," Cillizza said.

"That is a feat that is still, you know, I guess we're now eight days later hard for me to wrap my mind around," Cillizza acknowledged.

Cillizza also called for Trump to hold a press conference, he said it is "past time." He noted how Hillary Clinton opened up to the press, while Trump "clammed up" toward the end of the campaign. The Washington Post scribe said holding one would do Trump a "world of good" given the way he has treated the media.

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