CFR President Richard Haass: Next Phase Of Global Nationalist Revolt Is Italian Referendum On December 4


Council on Foreign Relations head Richard Haas joins MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to discuss Donald Trump's foreign policy and the global implications of the nationalism represented by the new president.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Let's underline this really quickly... You had Brexit, shook up the world order. Donald Trump's election shook up the world order. We're going to have the French elections with probably a nationalist strain. We're going to have the German elections. Something is happening. People rising all over the world. It is not quite 1848, but it is going to be a year that people will be circling.

HAASS: Next is probably going to be in Italy. December 4, you have the vote where the Prime Minister of Italy has really put his government's future on the line, about Constitutional reform there. It is almost like the Brexit vote. It risks being a referendum on the status quo. He could well lose it.

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