Cornyn: Latest "Tirade" From Harry Reid "Does Nothing To Contribute To Healing Our Country"


Sen. John Cornyn criticizes Sen. Harry Reid for his statement that incoming White House chief counsel Stephen K. Bannon is a "champion of white supremacy."

"We used to call people like that sore losers," Cornyn said about Reid.

CORNYN: Unfortunately I find myself sitting here listening to the latest tirade by the Democratic Leader against the President-elect and his team. Surely he's entitled to his opinion, but he does nothing to contribute to the healing of our country after a very polarizing, hotly contested election by continuing to pile on the president-elect and his team.

We had an election. The American people voted. The American people chose their next president. But to come here after the election, after the American people have spoken and made that choice and continue to disparage these peoples' choice for the next president, as well as the leadership in the House and the Senate, really just smacks of -- well, we used to call people like that sore losers, but frankly what he does is also contribute to the coarsening of our discourse in the debate in the Senate.

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