Obama: People Are Obviously "Deeply Disaffected," Otherwise We Wouldn't Have The Results We Had


The president says that there are obviously people in the country who feel "deeply disaffected," otherwise Donald Trump would not have won the election.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: In this situation, we are turning over a country that has challenges and has problems. And obviously there are people who are feeling deeply disaffected -- otherwise we wouldn't have had the results we had in the election.

On the other hand, if you look at the basic indicators of where the country is right now. The unemployment rate is as low as it has been in 8-9 years. Incomes and wages have both gone up over the last year faster than they have in a decade or two. We've got historically low uninsured rates. The financial systems are stapled and the stock market is hovering around the all time high, and 401(k)s have been restored, and the housing market has recovered.

We have challenges internationally, but the most immediate challenge with respect to ISIL, we are seeing significant progress in Iraq. Mosul is now increasingly being retaken by Iraqi security forces, supported by us.

Our alliances are in strong shape. The progress we made with respect to carbon emissions has been greater than any country on earth. And gas is $2 a gallon.

He will have time and space, I think, to make judicious decisions.

The incoming administration doesn't have to put out a huge number of fires. They may want to take the country in a significantly different direction, but they have time to consider what they want to achieve, and that's a testament to the tremendous work my team has done over the last eight years. I am proud of it.

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