Kellyanne Conway: Under Trump Administration, "Gravy Train" Of Washington Corruption Comes To An End


Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tells 'Fox News Sunday' host Chris Wallace that the Trump administration is going to change the way Washington operates, and under his leadership the "gravy train" of lobbyists and corruption will come to an end.

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: The leaders of the transition team that Donald Trump has put together are all familiar politicians, and the staff includes lobbyists who are weighing in on who is going to run the agencies that oversee the industries that those lobbyists represent. Those are the folks that are going to drain the swamp?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Yes, they are, if they want to be part of the Trump administration they are, Chris.

Look, these are people who are talented and have done this before. You can't just appoint novices, you have to have people who know what they're doing, but at the same time moving forward this is an administration that's going to run very differently than typical Washington.

Finally, the voters got what they wanted, what they've been begging for for 30 years which is give us the opportunity, give us a person who actually represents the outsider, non-Washington, business experienced type of profile. Somebody who goes to Washington owing nobody anything.

And I will tell you at the Trump campaign -- none of us got rich off the Trump campaign. And I am telling you that will continue into the way he runs his government.

The gravy train is about to have its wheels blown off and its engine completely ripped from its bearings, because there is just no reason to keep this consultant lobbyist... axis at such a level where people feel like their interests are not being served.

Part of the rigged corrupt system that he was giving voice to was the one we heard from voters. They don't appreciate all the organs and adjuncts of Washington, D.C. working against them. This is an administration for the foan and woman. Nobody thinks of lobbyists and consultants as the forgotten man or forgotten woman.

Watch Conway's full interview with 'Fox News Sunday' host Chris Wallace:

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