Gingrich: Donald Trump Is A Mainstream Conservative, The Left Is "Hysterical"


Newt Gingrich fires back at those who try to connect Donald Trump with the racist fringe.

JOHN DICKERSON: In the 'National Review,' Ian Tuttle writes: "His victory in the primary gave unprecedented visibility to the alt-right, anti-semites and self-proclaimed fascists. Supporting a President Trump cannot mean giving a path to the ugly fringe that has risen with him." What does Donald Trump have to do to address that?"

NEWT GINGRICH: I have to say, that's garbage. I don't care what it says. This whole notion... Like how the "Washington Post" had this column that pointed out that we're on the anniversary of kristallnacht, the night when Nazis attacked Jewish businesses. This is crazy.

Donald Trump is a mainstream conservative who wants to profoundly take on the left.

The left is infuriated that anybody would challenge the legitimacy of their moral superiority. And so the left is hysterical.

But the fact is... You get this with all the smears of Steve Bannon. He's a naval officer, a hollywood movie producer, a former manager at Goldman Sachs. The idea that somehow he represents... I never heard about the alt right until this nut cakes started writing about it.

Watch Gingrich's full interview with 'Face The Nation' host John Dickerson:

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