Tomi Lahren: A Bunch Of Sore Losers Gathered Together Isn't A Protest, It's A Tantrum


TOMI LAHREN, THE BLAZE: Before we start calling the reaction a protest let's get something straight. A protest is a peaceful objection to a grievance. A bunch of sore losers occupying a space is called a tantrum and that's exactly what we're seeing around the nation after Trump's historic and earned victory. And isn't it ironic that the same people who condemn Trump and Trump supporters for intolerance and closed-mindedness are now angry and downright hostile because they're candidate lost.

Listen, if y'all wanted her to win so badly you should've had that kind of enthusiasm before Tuesday night, but you didn't and that's how it goes. It's funny because these same people laugh at Trump supporters for fearing a rigged election but here's the deal: don't forget it's the Republican party that suffers because of voter fraud and it's Republican leaders who fight for voter I.D. laws. Just saying.

Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think we experienced mass protests after Obama won in 2008, or 2012. No riots or tantrums mass-televised for the world to see. Why? Two reasons. I guess Republicans lose with grace, and, second, most aren't afforded time in the middle of a workweek to congregate and throw a fit because they have to work. We have to work so you can protest the man while benefitting from the entitlements that the man affords you. So there's that.

These "protesters" are typical snowflake millennials. They feel slighted because they didn't want Trump to win and it's not fair! They wanted Hillary so it just should've happened. The entitlement mentality on steroids mixed with the new version of social justice. A version where anything the left does is just and everything else is intolerant...

Attending college does not make one smarter, classier, or anything else. I'm really tired of those on the right and left talking down to Trump supporters like we're dumb-dumbs. Some of us have degrees; some of us don't. But most of us are hard-working people who have built businesses, families, served our country, and followed the law. If you think that makes us any less than you, you're dead wrong.

It's no longer Trump supporters vs. Hillary supporters, that's over, that ended Tuesday night. President-Elect Donald Trump has opened his arms to all Americans so it's up to you now. Nobody is asking you to bowl at his feet but your protests and tantrums aren't doing anything for this country. You have every right to do it, but you're just kind of making fools of yourselves at this point and that's up to you.

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