Kurtz: The Media Has Got To Come To Grips That Clinton Lost And Trump Won


In a commentary for FOX News, media reporter Howard Kurtz said it is time for the press to accept a President Trump and to cover him fairly. Kurtz said the media's credibility has taken a hit and it will be difficult to win back the truth of readers and viewers.

HOWARD KURTZ: This is the most incredible headline I have ever seen in The New York Times, big screaming banner: 'Democrats, Students And Foreign Allies Face The Reality Of A Trump Presidency.'

Just think about this for a second. The man has just won perhaps the greatest political upset victory in the history of American politics. He proved all the pundits and prognosticators wrong. He is the next president of the United States...

The New York Times basically says everybody we know is shocked by this. That the friends of the journalists and editors at The New York Times are facing the reality of a Trump presidency.

Imagine if it had been some Democrat who was way down in the polls, nobody expected to win, was kind of a fringe figure. Let's say Bernie Sanders had gotten the nomination and was down 10 points and won. Do you think we would be seeing these kind of headlines in The New York Times about Republicans, conservatives and foreign allies don't know what to make of a Sanders presidency? I don't think so.

And it really brings home to me the fact that major elements of the media and certainly commentators on the left have not quite come to grips with the fact that their woman lost, Hillary Clinton, or that the person that they fear, are skeptical of, despise, depending on where they fall on the spectrum, has won the presidency.

To his credit, The New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg has a piece on the front page. Rutenberg is the guy who said some months ago that Donald Trump is such an unusual figure that it's understandable many reporters might suspend their usual standards of balance in order to cover him.

Rutenberg says the question now is: how did you get it so wrong? And he quotes a letter to the Times itself:

"You were so wrong for so long. You misled your readers and were blinded by your own journalistic bigotry."

And this for me is the bottom line: it's not that we called the states wrong or that we didn't think that Trump would win Michigan or that we over emphasize the ground game and all the fundraising advantages, the data advantages that Hillary Clinton had because we blow elections all the time.

This is so much more fundamental. And I have been sitting here talking to you for a year and a half saying the media are underestimating Donald Trump -- this was true when he was up in the polls and down in the polls. That the media are often unfair to Donald Trump and the media, the mainstream media, many of whose denizens work in New York and Washington do not understand, are out of touch, do not have any kind of feel for the paycheck-to-paycheck Americans out there in the heartland of the country and elsewhere who are drawn to a Trump presidency.

And, so, now especially for folks on the left the election is over! If you didn't support Donald Trump, you lost; if you wanted Hillary Clinton to win, you lost. But she has been gracious. President Obama has been gracious and yet I see elements of the media that are still making this about racism and sexism. Racism. Barack Obama was not on the ballot on 2016 as far as I know. Then you see headlines like this in the New York Daily News: 'House Of Horrors. And Salon: 'The Misogyny Apocalypse.'

All looking to blame the Trump election on dumb, racist, sexist yahoo voters. Which means they are taking issue now with the majority of the electorate. Or, on the press for somehow not stopping Trump as if we could have stopped Trump or as if it is our job to stop Trump. it is not. And so we are the ones -- people in my profession are taking a hit, a hit that is going to erode our ability for a long time to come. It's going to be very hard to win back the trust of readers and viewers as long as we don't accept the fact that Donald Trump won this election fair and square and we now have to cover the next four years of President Trump and it might be nice if we did it fairly.

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