Megyn Kelly vs. Kellyanne Conway: Will Trump "Be Able To Refrain" From Personal Attacks As President?


Megyn Kelly interviewed Kellyanne Conway, the first female to run a successful presidential campaign, on Thursday's edition of Kelly File on the FOX News Channel. Kelly, noting Trump had been through two campaign managers before her, congratulated her on Trump's win. Kelly asked Conway about other issues "we've heard" about that concern people, including Trump's comments on women, Muslims, on immigration and if he will reach out to those he has maligned.

"Let's talk about what we saw with Emily, the protester," Kelly said, referring to a woman participating in the anti-Trump demonstrations that spoke to FOX News. "She's fearful. For her the issue is climate change. A we've heard so many other issues with people out there, women, Hispanics, people who are afraid they might get deported, right, some Muslims. People who found themselves on the other side of Donald Trump's pledged policies or his, you know, behavior at some points during the campaign. Does he do anything to reach out to them other than, you know, just try to act presidential. Do you think he's going to do something where he has a specific message for them?"

"He's off to a great start in that regard, Megyn," Conway responded. "The minute he won the election and went out to do his victory speech, a speech he wrote, he went out there and he said I'm going to be the president of all Americans, including those who do not support me. I think it's incredibly important. It's very important to him personally I assure you."

"Secondly less than 36 hours after being elected president of the United States, Donald Trump and Melania Trump flew down to Washington to meet with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama," Conway also said.

"Who it must be said were brutal to Donald Trump just as he was to them, but they were brutal right back" Kelly noted.

Kelly brought up Trump's prior use of "personal attacks" and asked Conway if the president-elect will "be able to" refrain from attacking opponents on Twitter in the future.

"But during the campaign you never liked the personal attacks. Ivanka [Trump] made clear she didn't like the personal attacks. Nobody is a perfect person, everybody has flaws. Do you think that as president that President-Elect Trump and President Trump will be able to refrain from that from that, from going tit-for-tat with anybody who attacks him and sort of going to the darkest place on Twitter or otherwise with his power?" Kelly asked.

"You see his focus. He has his 100-day plan out there and that's going to be his focus. And he also has a Republican House and Senate which means he can actually get things done. I think folks on both sides of the aisle like to hide behind divided government, Megyn," Conway replied.

Conway asked Kelly if she could at least agree that Trump has been on the receiving end to an "unbelievable avalanche" of personal attacks himself.

"Can we agree, I hope we can agree that no one has ever been subjected to the deluge and just unbelievable avalanche of personal attacks as Donald Trump?" Conway asked Kelly.

"It's only going to get worse now that he's president," Kelly said.

"We're the walking wounded and there's nothing like it," Conway said.

"Trump gave as much as he got," Kelly shot back.

"He had an inspirational message in there, too," Conway told her.

"I'm not denying that, but my point is as president of the United States he can't be engaging in attacks on civilians, verbal attacks or shots like that. That doesn't lift us up. Do you think he's going to stop that that?" Kelly asked.

"I know he's fully capable of being the president of all Americans and that he's promised to do that and that would be included in that," Conway answered. "But I would say to the protesters who are burning his image in effigy and who have all these nasty signs, 'not my president,' can you imagine if Hillary Clinton had been elected, which I suppose they were all expecting, and the Trump protesters were saying not my president? That's all you would hear about. I think people should really take some self reflection and realize we've got a lot in common in this country. But having said that he's going to be a tough leader. He got elected on certain issues and you can expect him to tackle that very quickly in his administration."

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