Mark Halperin Rips 'New York Times' For Continued Anti-Trump Coverage: "This Is The Onion"


Host of 'With All Due Respect' on Bloomberg TV Mark Halperin rips the New York Times for their continuously anti-Trump coverage, even after the election.

"I love The New York Times. I think it’s a great institution…” he said on MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe' on Thursday. "But look at the headline of this story," he said, holding up today's print version.

The front page headline of The New York Times today reads: "Democrats, Students And Foreign Allies Face The Reality Of A Trump Presidency"

"Their headline is not ‘Disaffected Americans Have A Champion Going To The White House’ or ‘The Country Votes For Fundamental Change.’ The headline is about how disappointed the friends of the people who run The New York Times are about what happened," Halperin said.

"It’s amazing," Halperin said. "It’s The Onion."

"If a Democratic candidate who was given a 10% chance of winning by The New York Times had ended up winning– and winning red states as Trump won blue states– I don’t think that would have been the headline," he continued. "I’ll just say again; the responsibility of journalists is to not report on their biases, it’s to go out and understand the country through the prism of the election and say why are people feeling the way they’re feeling."

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