Ingraham: America's Forgotten People Have A Champion In Donald Trump


Radio host Laura Ingraham speaks with Sean Hannity about the "forgotten people" Donald Trump has promised to help.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Results matter. And he won, even though the kids in the street don't really like it. They want to cause trouble, I get that. But he won, and now it is time to implement the agenda.

We know the old ways don't work. We have piled up debt... What these failed ideas have done to middle class Americans, people entering the workforce, young people right out of college... it is devastating.

These policies do not work. We have to try new policies. Trump campaigned on that. I hope everyone in Congress on the Rpeublican side stands with him instead of fighting him.

They didn't fight Obama on a lot of things. They shouldn't fight Trump on the issues that propelled him into the presidency...

This is an amazing country with magnificent people who want to work. They don't want to be slaves to the government. And if he implements this agenda, it will be a renaissance across American. It is not going to be easy, it will be hard... Keep doing what you did in Detroit that drove the let crazy. Now you know why it drove the left crazy -- he's getting into their territory that they have dominated for so long. I'm very excited about the potential.

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