Giuliani: President Trump Can Build Wall With Executive Order


In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, former NY Mayor and Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani said prosecuting Hillary Clinton would be a “tough decision” that should be given a lot of thought. On building the wall, Giuliani said President-elect Trump would not need congressional approval, that he could do it by executive order.

GIULIANI: Well, my -- my advice would be the same advice that I gave President Bush when he won in '04, and, kind of, wasn't followed. I think you go with the things you know you can pass. Like, for example, way back then, Bush could have passed immigration reform, just like Obama could have when he first came in. And both of them passed on it, so now they leave it for now.

But I...

CUOMO: So you think he should start with it?

GIULIANI: No, I think he should start with tax reform.

CUOMO: OK, tax reform first.

GIULIANI: Because I think he's got the votes for it. I think he --he's definitely has the Republican votes for it, in House and Senate, and I think he probably has maybe 20 percent of the Democratic vote for it. So he could get it done with a bipartisan majority.

CUOMO: But people will say, "Wait a minute, I'm here for the wall, I'm angry. I want the wall, and I want to drain the swamp."

GIULIANI: The wall -- the wall is going to to take a while. Obviously he's going to build it. It's a campaign promise; he's not going to break a campaign promise.

CUOMO: Guys in Congress don't want it. On both sides there's resistance.

GIULIANI: Well, he'll -- he'll -- he can do it by executive order by just re-programming money within the -- within the Immigration Service.

And not only that, they have actually approved a wall to certain portions of the border that hasn't even been built yet. So you could take a year building that out with what has been approved.

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