Steve Schmidt: Cultural Condescension, Mocking Their Patriotism And God Led To Trump


Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said Donald Trump didn't just defeat Hillary Clinton and the opposition party, "he blew up the Republican party." Schmidt said the party of Reagan and the Bushes "doesn't exist anymore" on Wednesday's post-election edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe.

STEVE SCHMIDT: First off, usually when you have a candidate who wins the presidency, they defeat the other party. He's the first candidate whose now sitting here this morning as the president-elect who not only defeated his opposition party, but he blew up the Republican party, too. He took out two parties. So the party of Ronald Reagan, of both Bushes, that party doesn't exist anymore.


SCHMIDT: It's over. It's something new. And I don't know quite what that looks like over time. But don't underestimate the cultural condescension heaped on millions of these working class Americans by elites in this country. Their God is mocked. Their service to the country is mocked. The fact that their patriotism, they get teary eyed when they see the flag. Their values are scorned and you saw this massive resentment manifest itself in this campaign and it's a huge part of it.

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