Rand Paul Excited: We're Going To Spend First Month Passing Repeal Of Obama Executive Regulations


Sen. Rand Paul talks about rolling about President Obama's executive orders on Wednesday's Morning Joe:

RAND PAUL: I have a prediction to make this morning. I think we're going to spend the first month passing repeal of Obama regulations and they will be signed by Trump. So I think there will be a half a dozen regulations repealed in the first week of Congress and this is something I'm excited to do because most of these regulations haven't been written by Congress. I think they're unconstitutional because they've been -- they're -- basically the executive is legislating and that was never the intention of the founding fathers. So I think you're going to find that we're going to repeal half dozen or more regulations in the first week of Congress and i'm excited about it. I think the regulations have been killing our jobs and making us less competitive for the world.

Rand Paul won a second U.S. Senate term last night. Paul's acceptance speech:

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