Krauthammer: Trump An Ideological Revolution Not Seen Since Reagan, Part Of "Worldwide Brexit Movement"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: If Trump wins this is an ideologically and electoral revolution of the kind we haven't seen since Reagan. What this means ideologically is that the Republican party has become the populist party and the country is going to be without a classically conservative party.

What Trump has done is not just awaken the white working class but to win it back. These were the Reagan Democrats. They drifted away, he brings them back. Now, what's interesting is he brings them back on issues he says the cause of their misery is immigration and trade, which you don't see getting a lot of support. I think the reason he got him back is he simply said, I'm your voice. I hear what you're saying.

And what this is, this is part of the worldwide Brexit revolution, of the -- these countries in the west understanding that globalization and the advances we get from this new economy, the information economy, have brought tremendous benefits but no one has addressed the needs of those who are the net losers. Net globalization trade is always a positive, but net means there are winners and losers. And Trump is a guy who understood that. He's spoken to those who lost out. He said I speak for you.

I don't know whether his remedies are going to work, but certainly what we're seeing is an ideological shift, speaking for the white working class, and also, the non-white working class, and it's going to be an electoral shift because that means that the old rustbelt is in play permanently for Republicans. On the other hand with the rise of Hispanic registration, Hispanic voting, the classically safe Southern states for Republicans are no longer that classically safe.

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