Karl Rove vs. Tucker Carlson: "Grotesque Overstatement" Paul Ryan Responsible For A Trump Wisconsin Win


KARL ROVE: Well if he is winning Wisconsin, he ought to thank two people. Governor Scott Walker, and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Because they have built in that state a political machine through Walker's races, that extends from the top to the bottom and is better organized than probably any state in the country. They have every precinct covered, they have all of people, they have all the technology, they have all of the enthusiasm, all of the leadership and they executed it.

If I were Sean Hannity, I would not be recommending that if Donald Trump wins the first thing he does is pick a fight with the House of Representatives and try to get Paul Ryan out. Paul Ryan is probably one of the big reasons why he carried Wisconsin tonight. And not only that a newly elected president does not need to start by opening up a civil war with legislative branch of his party.

CHRIS WALLACE: Can I say to that machine because we know that in Wisconsin, he got a terrible shellacking in the primaries from Ted Cruz. And all of that machine was working against him in the primaries. And talk radio was working against him. Did they all fall in line and work full out for him?

ROVE: Talk radio was, put that aside because that is not under control of party leaders. But, yeah, absolutely, because they understand --

WALLACE: Well Paul Ryan didn't even campaign with him.


ROVE: No. No. Let me finish. Let me finish. Yes, he spent --

CARLSON: Paul Ryan is not --

ROVE: Let me finish. Let me finish! Last weekend, where do you think Paul Ryan was? He was stumping the state in a bus tour saying vote for the Republican ticket. Donald Trump, Ron Johnson.

WALLACE: But, Karl, he did refuse to appear with Donald Trump.

ROVE: Look, sure he didn't campaign with him. He campaigned on behalf of the House of Representatives around the country, raised $50 million.

CARLSON: I am not arguing against Paul Ryan. He's in a very tough spot. Paul Ryan is an honorable guy and I think he will do his best to accommodate this new world but it is a grotesque overstatement to say he is responsible for Donald Trump's winning Wisconsin. He was mocking Trump. He was making the point crystal clear that he thought that Trump was kind of morally indefensible. Which is a real point. But you can't say -- this happened in spite of the wishes --

ROVE: You think that the Access Hollywood tape is morally defensible?

CARLSON: I'm in the saying that at all.


BRET BAIER: Time, time out.

JOE TRIPPI: Republicans are winning tonight. Right?


BAIER: Can I get a flag or something?

CARLSON: Let's be honest. Trump won in spite of --

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