Joy Ann Reid: Media Is Responsible For "Equalizing" Clinton And Trump


JOY ANN REID, MSNBC: I was going to say really quickly on the third-party vote. If you talk to particularly younger voters who are choosing third-party, it wasn't even not wanting to make a decision, there was sort of a chic to saying, 'I'm above both of those candidates.'

And I think we have to own a little bit in the media ourselves, this idea that we sort of equalized, not us sitting here at this table, but generally and broadly, the idea that these were two equally flawed, equally unpopular, sort of two sides of the same bad coin candidates.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Give me an example of someone who did that.

REID: Every story, if you google stories of Hillary Clinton, the term 'trustworthiness,' 'honesty,' it was in every story. Whether or not the story had to do specifically with that. And I think that resonated with a lot of younger voters, in particular, who had a sort of a vague feeling.

RACHEL MADDOW: A cool cynicism.

REID: That she was just as bad. So there was a chic to saying, well, both of those two candidates are so bad that I'm going to take the sort of high road of picking one of the others, even if they didn't know anything about them. I have two kids that are old enough to vote, who had friends that were like, 'I don't like either one,' and they didn't know anything about Johnson or Stein, but said, I'll choose this third option. But that margin in Florida, over 200,000 votes combined for that candidates. So actually, you are making a decision. It could flip the election. And on the question of Donald Trump and what it is he believes in, I think one of the things that we know he believes in for certain is revenge.

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