Chuck Todd Cites RCP's Sean Trende For Pointing Out "Missing White Vote"


NBC's Chuck Todd cites RCP elections analyst Sean Trende's theory about "missing white voters" being the turning point of the 2016 election.

CHUCK TODD, NBC: There were members of the Republican Party, okay? This miss is by everybody is even like, Republican consultants are going, 'why is Trump doing that? Wisconsin's done.'

Wisconsin was so done, the National Republican Senatorial Committee pulled out. Now they went back in to try to help Ron Johnson, but it was too late...

Tthe miss on Trump is far and wide. It's the modelers. It's the pollsters. It's us in the media. The miss is far and wide...

What was missing is the underestimating of this white vote. You know, there's going to be a lot of -- there was one guy trying to remember where he is at... RealClearPolitics and I can't remember the man's name, he had been making this argument of a missing white vote. That there was a bunch of vote that romney could have had, but didn't win. And while the census showed that it was there, no one believed it was going to get activated because Trump didn't actually do work to activate the vote. He didn't go out there with registered voter. He didn't need to. They were listening. The rhetoric did it. That's your get out the vote. It's Donald Trump rallies.

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