Student Pulled Off Stage For Criticizing Hillary Clinton At Clinton Rally


Student protester Kaleb Vanfosson was pulled off the stage at a Bernie Sanders event for Hillary Clinton at Iowa State University after he took advantage of his chance to speak to detail Hillary Clinton's connections to Goldman Sachs and Henry Kissinger. Footage from the incident shows Vanfosson, who was scheduled to talk about how Sanders and Clinton were uniting voters, going far off-script.

KALEB VANFOSSON: You guys ready for the election?

My name is Kaleb Vanfosson and I'm president of the Students for Bernie Club.

There are a lot of important issues we have talked about this election cycle, and the biggest one is this: In 2012, 70% of the college students in America graduated with student debt. The average amount of that debt was $26,000 per student.

While the part-time reality TV show star and full time bigot Donald Trump thinks that immigrants are what's wrong with our country, we are failing to even talk about that issue.

Unfortunately Hillary doesn't really care about it either. The only thing she cares about is pleasing her donors -- the billionaires who fund her. The only people who can really trust Hillary are Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, the Military Industrial Complex. Her good friend Henry Kissinger can trust Hillary.

She is so trapped in the world of the elite that she has completely lost grip of what it is like to be an average person. She doesn't care. Voting for another lesser of two evils, there's no point.

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