Podesta: Leakers Should "Shut Up"; "We Think" Clinton Campaign Can Hold On To Michigan


Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta told those who are leaking information about the new FBI probe into Hillary Clinton to "shut up." From Meet the Press:

CHUCK TODD: Tim Kaine yesterday in an interview said people within the F.B.I. are actively working to try to help the Trump campaign. Do you believe the entire F.B.I. announcement has both been a benefit to the Trump campaign and that there are forces in the F.B.I. that are actively working against your candidacy?

JOHN PODESTA: Look, I think what Mr. Comey did, you know, just nine days ago was a mistake. I think it broke with precedent. I think it was criticized roundly by Democrats and Republicans, including four, I'm sorry, two former Deputy Attorney Generals who served with him in the Bush Administration. I think it was a mistake. I think what--

CHUCK TODD: Is it a mistake that should lead to resignation?

JOHN PODESTA: --Tim was, what Tim, no--

CHUCK TODD: Is it a mistake that should lead to resignation?

JOHN PODESTA: I've never questioned his motivation, I've just said it was a mistake.


JOHN PODESTA: It broke with precedent. There's a reason for that policy. It looked like that what, that it was interfering in the election.


JOHN PODESTA: I think the leaks that have been ongoing, which was what Tim was referring to, you know, is worrisome. But I, you know, I, I think the men and women of the F.B.I. are doing a tremendous job out here across the country. But the leakers should shut up.

Podesta says the Clinton campaign is about Michigan.

"Look, if we hold on to Nevada, hold on to Michigan, you know, then Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States," he said.

He continued: "Most people vote on election day in Michigan and our schedule has been oriented to being in the early vote states in the earlier period of time. Now we’re going to Michigan, to New Hampshire, to Pennsylvania where they do it the old-fashion way, everybody votes on election day. We feel like we got a lead in Michigan. We want to hold on to it. We think we can do that."

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