David Brooks: Globalism, Immigration And Feminism "Good For America" But Created "Angry" White Males


Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks said globalization, the influx of immigrants and feminism have been good for America but created a swath of "angry" white males.

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From Brooks' weekly Friday night segment on PBS NewsHour:

DAVID BROOKS: We had a lot of good things over the years that were really good for America. I think globalization has been really good for America. I think the influx of immigrants has been really good for America. Feminism has been really good for America.

But there are a lot of people who used to be up in society, because of those three good things, are now down, a lot of high school-educated white guys. And they have been displaced.

And shame on us for not paying attention to that and helping them out. And, therefore, as a result, what happened was, they were alienated, they got super cynical, because they really were being shafted. And so they react in an angry way.

Well, that’s not a shock, given the last 30 or 50 years of American history. And so, for us going forward, it’s to not reverse the dynamism of American society and the diversity. It’s to pay attention to the people who are being ruined by it, and so this doesn’t happen again.

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