Obama: Trump Hangs Out With Celebrities, Doesn't Care About Working People Unless They're Mowing His Lawn


President Obama, campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Florida today, said Trump has spent his whole life hanging out with celebrities and wealthy folks and does not care about "working people" unless they are cleaning his room or mowing his fairways.

"We have to be honest," Obama said at a Miami rally on Thursday. "He's got support here in Florida, he's got some support around the country. No, he does. If he didn't, then I wouldn't have to go around getting everybody to vote."

Obama said it is "frustrating" that "working folks" are supporting him and calling him their voice.

"He's got some support," Obama acknowledged. "And the most frustrating thing is, some of his support coming from working folks. people say well, you know, he's going to be our voice. Are you serious? This is a guy who spent 70 years, his whole life, born with a silver spoon, showing no respect for working people. He spent a lot of time with celebrities. Spends a lot of time hanging out with the really wealthy folks but you don't see him hanging out with working people unless they're cleaning his room or mowing the fairways on his golf club."

"You're going to make this guy your champion if you're a working person?" Obama asked. Come on. Somebody who spent his life without ever showing any regard for working folks."

Watch the full rally, via FOX Phoenix:

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