Obama: The Black Vote Is Not As Solid As It Needs To Be


Obama warns what will happen if African-Americans do not show up and vote for Hillary Clinton in an interview Wednesday morning on The Tom Joyner Morning Show.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Now I have a favor for you. And that is that I have 7 days to determine whether I have an outstanding candidate in my Secretary of State and who has pledged and committed to continue the progress we've made on jobs, and making sure kids can go to college, and early childhood education, and healthcare, or we've got somebody whose only agenda is to reverse everything that I've done over the last 8 years. To reverse everything that Michelle has done over the last 8 years. And I need you and everybody who is listening to make it their sole focus over the next 7 days that every single person is out there voting.

I'm going to be honest with you right now, because we track, we've got early voting, we've got all kinds of metrics to see what's going on, and right now, the Latino vote is up. The overall vote is up. But the African-American vote right now is not as solid as it needs to be.

And I know that a lot of people in the barbershops and the beauty salons and in the neighborhoods who are saying to themselves, 'Well, you know, we love Barack. We especially love Michelle. And so it was exciting and now we're not excited as much.' You know what? I need everybody to understand that everything we've done is dependent on me being able to pass the baton to somebody who believes in the same things that I believe in. So if you really care about my presidency and what we've accomplished, then you are going to go out and vote.

Listen to the full interview at Tom Joyner's website.

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