Chuck Todd Electoral Map: Trump Has To Win PA, MI, or WI; "The Comey Effect"


NBC's Chuck Todd reveals his new battleground electoral map Wednesday morning on MSNBC. Todd said Donald Trump has to "break the big blue wall" and win either Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin to get to 270.

CHUCK TODD: This is our new battleground map. As you see we still have her over 270. So we're saying here -- so the most important thing to know about this map is right now this is where we see the battleground, which means that if you watch Donald Trump's numbers here, he can win Florida, he can win North Carolina and he can win Ohio and still be short. That's important.

He can win Arizona and still be short. He can win Utah and still be short. So, he's in Michigan. Why? He's got to break the big blue wall. That's Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin. One of these three he's got to put into play. That's why he's trying something. Wisconsin yesterday, Michigan today. You'll see him more in New Mexico.

The numbers as you can see, they don't add up. New Hampshire is not enough. Getting one more out of Nebraska is not enough. That's why he's got to somehow break this. I think of the three, it's Wisconsin that might be the most fluid. We got a poll out there today later this afternoon.

Chuck Todd talks about how the "Comey effect" may be affecting the race in Trump's favor. Todd said he believes the Clinton campaign is "nervous" and "starting not to trust even their own numbers."

"I think that if we see that it's a motivator," Todd said of the 'Comey effect,' "then do these states (pointing to the Rust Belt), all of them, go under five points? Do we start actually seeing the final result is somewhere under five? I think if we see that then yes it's not just momentum, it's Comey momentum."

CHUCK TODD: I think the Clinton campaign is a little bit nervous obviously and I think they're starting not to trust even their own numbers a little bit. And the fact is they haven't spent a lot of time in Michigan and if you recall Michigan caught them off guard during the primaries...


CHUCK TODD: Their polling didn't show him winning. Their polling always showed him closer than what the public polling did so there's been this concern. Look, Michael Moore is somebody that has been shouting from the rooftops that he believes that the entire industrial Midwest is more in play than the Clinton campaign thinks, he being a guy from Flint, worked a lot with the blue collar voters. He's been screaming from the rooftops. I think some of it is simply a little bit of paranoia, but you know what? You don't want to say why didn't I go? You don't want to have any regrets.

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