Cenk Uygur: WikiLeaks Reveal Hillary Clinton As "Living Embodiment Of Corruption"


'The Young Turks' host Cenk Uygur takes a deep dive into the WikiLeaks revelations about the Clinton Foundation and gives a critical description of why Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are sinking and why the people in Washington need to stop dismissing the possibility of Donald Trump winning on November 8th.

"She’s the second most disliked candidate in American history. She’s lucky to be running against the most unpopular candidate in American history,” Uygur says, pointing out that people in Washington operate in the same bubble as Clinton and refuse to acknowledge that there’s, "Super soft support," for the Democratic nominee. He places her in a razor thin victory but explains that people don’t like Clinton because of her ties to corporations and banks.

"Even though she might not be the most corrupt. She is a symbol of that corruption," Uygur explains, “She’s a living embodiment of the establishment, the status quo, this system that the whole country believes has been corrupted."

The fact that she’s taken a lot of money from corporations damages her image and credibility with voters, according to Uygur: "We warned you a thousand times."

He adds that because she’s seen as representative of that corruption has enabled "...a monster like Trump to pretend to be a populist on the right and is now this close to winning and becoming the most powerful man on earth."

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