Cenk Uygur: Doug Band/Teneo Emails Are "Rosetta Stone" Of Clinton Corruption


Wikileaks reveals emails that show the depth of the corruption at the Clinton Foundation. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Doug Band, a Clinton bundler, si revealed to be worried that Chelsea Clinton is getting too close to finding the truth about corruption in the Clinton Foundation.

"All the press does is report that Chlsea and Doug Band are fighting," he said. "But what are they fighting about?"

"He says Chelsea won't understand, she doesn't know what her parents are up to... He's saying chelsea is digging -- tell her to stop digging, if this gets out we're screwed! Well now it is out," he continued.

"He's saying these guys are giving to the Clinton Global Initiative, but do they care about it? No, these are serious people. They're doing business here. They don't care about the fund we're giving to."

"They go to these companies, these serious people, who give to the Clinton Foundation fund, and it return you'll get Bill and Hillary Clinton, you know what happens," he continued.

He explains: "The Clintons having been telling us all along they just care about the wonderful speeches we're going to give them. Here are memos outlining, no they don't. They care about the deals they are going to make. And here is me outlining all the money you're getting and your Foundation are getting. And also that is where you staff all of your political staffers who are going to get activated if you should want to run for president later."

"Context is: Chelsea is digging here, asking why they are paying these guys. This is why they're paying me. Because I make money for you, and you put it in your pocket. Let's not forget our arrangement," he said about Band. "This is him saying: 'You better keep those consultant fees coming, and you better not break up these relationships where the companies pay us, because you owe us. And not only do you owe us, I've got $66 million more coming your way if you're a good team player. This is the Rosetta Stone."

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