'Black Conservatives Fund' Ad Targets Clinton For "Superpredators" Statement: "She Doesn't Deserve Our Vote"


The 'Black Conservatives Fund' PAC is out with a new ad that will run on television and online to "expose Hillary Clinton's multi-decade haterade" against the black community.

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The ad features a young man named Ali, who says: "As a young black man, I refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton. When I was a child, she called young black kids like me 'super-predators.' She said we needed to be brought to heel -- something we haven't heard since the Jim Crow era. And black voters are part of her so-called 'firewall.'"

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"I don't know how Hillary Clinton feels about blacks in her heart. All I know is what she's said and what she's done. She doesn't deserve our damn vote," he adds.

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