Mark Cuban: Trump "Worst Thing Possible For The Stock Market"


Mark Cuban appeared on CNBC Tuesday morning and denounced Donald Trump as a threat to the stock market. Cuban, a Clinton supporter, said the Democratic nominee for president has not done a good job of "dispelling the propaganda" against her.

Cuban called Trump the "worst thing possible" for the market:

CNBC: You previously predicted that if Trump won the presidency that the stock market would see mayhem. Do you still believe that to be the case?

MARK CUBAN: I didn't say mayhem but said it would definitely fall. Yes. For two reasons. You saw it when the Comey e-mails came out, what the markets did. If Trump wins I would handicap the likelihood of the probability that he would say something stupid and offensive during a four-year term multiple time at 100%.

If he is going to say things that are stupid and offensive that could lead to some sort of military action, not originating from the United States but from another country, that is the worst thing possible for the stock market. Because you have a candidate that doesn't know when not to talk, there's nothing worse for the market.

"The idea that what he could say tomorrow could impact markets worldwide, that's going to pull people out of the market," Cuban also said. "Part two to that is if we see any uptick in interest rates at all, then it's going to look like a great deal just to put our money into Treasury bonds or something very safe."

Cuban said he is hedged in preparation for a Trump victory:

CUBAN: If Trump wins I'm already hedged. My hedge is up a little bit this week because the markets have been down multiple days in a row. I put on the biggest hedge I've ever put on against all my equities and interest-bearing bonds simply because of what I just said. You know, this is not like Brexit where oh, my goodness, there's a big reaction, big selloff and then a big bounce back and things just trickle down.

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