Krauthammer: Clinton Is "Drowning," Bringing Out Machado Shows Nothing Left In The Tank


Charles Krauthammer comments on John Podesta instructing his Clinton colleagues to "dump" e-mails that were transmitted using the private server in Hillary Clinton's New York home. From Tuesday's Special Report:

BRET BAIER: The campaign, asked about this, said he was talking about dumped meaning get out the e-mails. Release them. The problem is that what happened. They choose to release some and then they destroyed 33,000 of them with the bleach bit. The other problem is by commenting on this e-mail, authenticated the e-mail and the e-mails that they haven't done before. And the other thing is if they were going to dump the e-mails, they would have been dumping classified information.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: There is a word, if you want to release e-mails, there is a word for that, it's called release. He didn't use the word "release." He used the word "dump." Dump means you're releasing something but you're doing it in a way that it will disappear.

Now, it seems to me quite obvious what's going on here. The instinctive reaction of the Clinton campaign, again, reflecting the candidate herself is to dump. It's to hide. It's to cover. That's been the way the Clintons have operated for 30 years and that's what they ended up doing. They ended up segregating 30,000 e-mails and then destroying them so that Trey Gowdy said even God can't read them now. That, look, what's happening here is she is now drowning in the cumulative effect of the Wikileaks and of the FBI deal. She can't get her message out.

I think A.B. is exactly right. When you have to bring Alicia Machado back on stage three weeks later or is it now four weeks later, that shows you got nothing left in the tank. This is a desperation move. It's her only move because nothing she says can escape the black hole of all this incoming ammunition. We are looking at all of the weeds and the details of this. Nobody is out there, but what they see is cover-up, concealment and perhaps even lying. There's no way out of that.

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